Learn To Talk Like A Carny

Feel like brushing up on your circus lingo?  Ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant subculture of the carnival?  Then you, too, could find a use for the…

Ultimate Circus/ Carnival Dictionary


Yes, that’s a link.  On this site, you’ll find well over a hundred pages of relevant terms used in carnivals and circuses in Europe and the US.


Siamese Twin-gerbreads?

Just in time for the holidays!  Look at this!  These tasty cookies are never alone, even if they’re the last one on the plate.

Apparently, making conjoined cookies is a long- standing historical tradition.  One of the earliest documented cases of conjoined twins was that of Mary and Eliza Chulkhurst. They were born in Biddenden, County of Kent, England in the year 1100, and were joined at the hip.

The wealthy sisters, who were known as the Biddenden Maids, lived for 34 years. When they died, they left a small fortune to the Church of England. In honor of their generosity, it was customary for English citizens to bake little biscuits and cakes in the sisters’ images and give them to the poor.

I post the link to these cookie cutters with the understanding that no one who swaps cookies with me is permitted to buy one. 

To purchase a Siamese twin cookie cutter of your very own